Chiropractic Board of Australia - Information on complaints and concerns (notifications)
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Information on complaints and concerns (notifications)

One of the ways in which the Chiropractic Board of Australia (National Board) protects the community is by investigating complaints and concerns (notifications) and, when necessary, subsequently managing chiropractors:

  • who have been found to have engaged in unprofessional conduct or professional misconduct
  • who have been found to have engaged in unsatisfactory professional performance, or
  • when their health is impaired and their practice may place the public at risk.

The Board is ‘notified’ of an issue. The word ‘notification’ is deliberate and reflects that the Board is not a complaints resolution agency. It is a protective jurisdiction and its role is to protect the public by dealing with chiropractors who may be putting the public at risk as a result of their conduct, professional performance or health. More information about the complaints and concerns (notifications) process can be found on the Complaints or concerns page of AHPRA’s website.

Page reviewed 8/07/2022