Chiropractic Board of Australia - New Chiropractic Board vodcast stresses the importance of professionalism to patient care
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New Chiropractic Board vodcast stresses the importance of professionalism to patient care

03 Mar 2017

The Chiropractic Board of Australia (the Board) has added to its recent vodcasts to help chiropractors understand their obligations as a registered health practitioner in Australia under the National Law.

To support chiropractor knowledge of professionalism and how this relates to their registration, the Board is publishing a new vodcast.

Board Chair, Dr Wayne Minter AM, says, ‘Although the landscape of healthcare has changed beyond recognition over the last 30 years, the importance of professionalism has remained constant in the minds of patients and chiropractors. I see professionalism as the “value-added” factor that enhances the contribution chiropractors make to the healthcare of patients. Professionalism implies a commitment to the public interest and presumes adherence to the obligations that registered chiropractors must meet. The reality is that unprofessional behaviour does exist in healthcare, and this vodcast can help practitioners understand what the National Law says and what their patients expect from them as acceptable professional behaviour.’

Professionalism is made up of a number of key features, including: adherence to ethical principles; effective interactions with patients and their families and friends; effective interactions with others in the health system; reliability; and ongoing development of oneself, others and broader organisations.1

The vodcast, which aims to help chiropractors’ increased their understanding of professionalism was presented by Board member, Dr Anna Ryan.

Dr Ryan’s presentation puts professionalism in a regulatory context and highlights the role of the Board in education, assessment and remediation of the professionalism.

1Wilkinson, T. J., Wade, W. B., & Knock, L. D. (2009). A blueprint to assess professionalism: results of a systematic review. Academic Medicine, 84(5), 551-558.

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