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  • October 2019

    Chiropractic Board
    Many of you will be aware of the Independent review of chiropractic spinal manipulation on children under 12 years, conducted by Safer Care Victoria. ... When treating…
    Date published 30 October 2019
  • Consultation on common guidelines and Code of conduct

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    Maintaining a high level of professional competence and conduct is essential for good care. ... This is to avoid misleading consumers and to ensure they are fully informed
    Date published 4 April 2013
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  • Supplementary data tables - AHPRA Annual Report 2015/16

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    3. 2. 6. 1. 1. 19. 16. 18.8%. Paediatric intensive care medicine. ... 39. 30. 56. Informed consent. 0. 0. 3. 5. 5. 43.
    Date published 15 January 2017
  • Performance assessments

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    out. It important to obtain the patient’s consent to the presence of an assessor before the patient enters the consulting room/treatment area. ... This is not an issue if…
    Date published 26 April 2019
  • Statement on paediatric care

    Chiropractic Board
    Healthcare decisions made in the context of evidence-based practice must be adequately underpinned by proper informed consent. ... As set out in section 3.5 of the Code, the
    Date published 16 July 2019
  • Board consults on new cosmetic surgery guidelines

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    explicit guidance on informed patient consent, including clear information about risks and possible complications. ... explicit responsibility for post-operative care by the
    Date published 17 March 2015
  • January 2013

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    4 February 2013. Osteopathy Board of Australia. Draft guidelines for informed consent . ... Kym’s participation in the early days of the National Scheme has also informed her …
    Date published 1 January 2005
  • June 2013

    Chiropractic Board
    Like all health practitioners, chiropractors must take particular care to gain informed consent when managing the care of children and young people. ... evidence of…
    Date published 1 January 2010
  • Part 2: The National Scheme at work in NT - NT Annual Report Summary 2015/16

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    245. 24,471. 1.0%. Medical Practitioner: Intensive care medicine. 10. 856. 1.2%. ... 0.0%. Informed consent. 0. 116. 0.0%. Medico-legal conduct. 0. 146. 0.0%.
    Date published 13 February 2017
  • Compilation of Board specific documents and information for stakeholders of multiple Boards

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    Health practitioners need to obtain informed consent for the care that they provide to their patients. ... managing or referring as appropriate d) ensuring informed consent
    Date published 4 April 2013
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